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Madame Alexander Dolls.......known "As The Most Beautiful Dolls in The World", and they are!

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The first Alexander Doll was made in 1918, a cloth Nurse Doll. The Alexander Doll Company began a doll factory in 1923 in New York City. In 1951 through 1954 Madame won the Fashion Academy Gold Award for "The Ultimate in Design, Beauty of Dolls".

By 1953 Madame Alexander created the most collectible and sought after dolls for sale today. The rare and hard to find 8" Alexander-Kin, also known as the Wendy Doll. Wendy had a pretty face, open and close eyes, and was made of unbreakable hard plastic.  Madame created the ultimate fashion doll in 1955, with the introduction of the first full figured doll that wore high heels, the 21" Cissy Doll. Cissy had gloves, hats, fancy jewelry, and other doll accessories.

In the 1960's the rare and hard to find Madame Alexander 8" doll was available in different collectible series. There were International Countries, Gone With The Wind, Little Women, Storybook, Nursery Rhymes, Ballerina Dolls, and Fairies. Over the years the Madame Alexander Company has added many themes to their 8" dolls. The Wizard Of Oz Dolls, Disney Princess, Dolls from Foreign Lands, Christmas Holiday Dolls, American Sports, and Famous Character Dolls. 

Madame Alexander has the best play dolls with their Huggums first baby doll for infants, the traditional Pussycat Baby Dolls, the realistic Weighted Newborn Baby line, and their 18" Favorite Friends dolls. Madame Alexander has not only the most beautiful dolls in the world, but the most collectible dolls for sale in the world, with a large selection of rare and hard to find dolls made for generations!

Madame Alexander at The Alexander Doll Factory in the Lower Est Side of New York City, in the 1950's

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