Madame Alexander Favorite Friends 18" Doll Clothes

Madame Alexander 18" Play Doll Clothes and Accessories fits American Girl Dolls

Complete Outfits for 18" Play Dolls

The Madame Alexander Favorite Friend Doll wears the same size Clothes as the American Girl Doll

Dress your Favorite Friend Doll in a large selection of 18" doll clothes sets that come with all the accessories to make her outfit stylish and fun!

Favorite Friends doll clothes and accessories not only fit your Madame Alexander 18" Favorite Friends Dolls but are designed to fit 18" American Girl Dolls and any other line of play dolls in the 18" thin body style line.

There is a large selection of 18" doll clothes fashion styles to choose from, whether it's a sport you want your doll dressed in, a day in the sun, an evening party,  or sleep time pajamas sets.

The best play doll line to choose, because her doll can wear any 18" doll clothes and make a fashion statement.