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Madame Alexander Cissy 21" Doll with Madam Alexander

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Collectible Madame Alexander Cissy Dolls and Madame Alexander 21" Portrait Dolls 

Madame Alexander Cissy is the Fashion World's Finest Doll

Madame Alexander Cissy Dolls were created by Madame Alexander in 1955. She became the lady of fashion winning many doll fashion awards.

The Madame Alexander Cissy Dolls were designed with a women's body, the was fully jointed to be poised, with slanted feet to wear high heel shoes, and a beautiful face with high cheek coloring and eye shadow on her open and close eyes.

In the 1950's the Cissy doll was used in magazines to advertise products. Queen Elizabeth in her Cornantion gown was created, as well as many clothes and trunks sets.

The Madame Alexander Cissy Dolls were dressed in ballgowns and high fashion statement clothes which included all the accessories, hats, gloves, purses, and jewelry.

In 1957 a special Fashion Parade Series was launched.  All the Madame Alexander Cissy Dolls became highly sought after and collectible.

The Cissy Doll line continues with many name designers over the years producing clothing outfits for the dolls.

Madame Alexander added another large statement fashion doll called the Madame Alexander 21" Portrait Doll. She also was designed in many ballgown fashions.

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