8" Madame Alexander Dolls

8" Madame Alexander Dolls in Pink, Daddy's Little Girl, Sand Castle Beach Wendy

New and Retired, Many Rare and Hard To Find Dolls

Information about the Madame Alexander 8" Doll Mold

Madame Alexander created her first 8" Doll in 1953. It was designed as a play doll . She was called Wendy after her Granddaughter. The Alexander doll was designed with straight legs and when you made her walk her head moved back and forth; thus called a straight leg walker doll, or in short terms known as a SLW.

She also designed a quiz-kin with had a button on the back and could move it's head in a yes or no position. The dolls were than called Alexander-Kins.

In 1961 the first Bent Knee Walker was introduced, also known as a BKW. This Alexander doll had joints in the knees to sit realistically in a chair. Madame Alexander also came out with furniture for her 8" dolls.

Than in 1965 Madame designed the Bent Knee Doll, also called the BK. Her head did not move. This design was kept in the line until 1972 when the legs were now straight again, but the face mold had a wider eye and she was called the Alex doll mold. The Alex mold was made until 1976. There was a time period after this that the dolls were produced with too white of a face and a sharper mold above the lips. This time period did not produce collectible 8" Madame Alexander Dolls

The Madame Alexander Doll Company continues to produce collectible and play Alexander Dolls today using many of the original style 8" Wendy Doll molds. The entire doll line is considered to be the best and most collected dolls in the world.