Madame Alexander Baby Dolls & Baby Victoria Dolls

Madame Alexander Victoria Play Baby Doll, Bald baby Doll

Discontinued Baby Dolls

Madame Alexander Baby Victoria and her Oriental Asian Baby Doll Line are very hard to find because they are no longer made.

The Madame Alexander Baby Victoria doll has been sought after and loved by many generations. First created in 1966 Baby Victoria was designed to look like a newborn baby with a bald head and a cuddly body.

The Madame Alexander Baby Victoria doll was made in a large 18" size, in 1967 she was increased to a 20" baby doll, then in 1975 designed in a popular 14" baby doll size. Today she has been replaced by the Newborn Nursery Line, but many people still love and seek the traditional Madame Alexander baby Victoria Doll for themselves or their children, because of the memories she has given them.

Madame Alexander baby dolls were created in many other styles of babies, as well as Asian and Black ethnic