8" Madame Alexander Doll Stands

Stands for Madame Alexander Dolls

Doll Stands Needed to Display Dolls

Doll stands are available to fit any size doll

If you want to display your Madame Alexander Dolls you will need a proper doll stand. The 8" Madame Alexander doll stands are designed to fit both the 8" and 10" dolls. They are available in many colors: Grey, Pink, Purple, Blue, Red, Green, Black, and a special Madame Alexander logo stand.

We also carry stands in other sizes but the 8" Madame Alexander doll stand is the most popular, being the 8" doll is the #1 collectible doll, so it is the only doll stand offered in a choice of colors and with the Madame Alexander logo.

One of the most important things to know when using a doll stand is the proper instructions to place it on the doll for display, and not damage your doll. You must take the doll stand apart which widens the top, slip in under the clothes around the waist, if left on top it will hurt the dolls clothing after a period of time, squeeze the stand together than slide into the base. Afterward push the dolls feet back toward the back of the stand and adjust the balance. Your done!

Be sure to purchase 8" Madame Alexander Doll Stands to display and enjoy your doll collection!

There are even cradle stands for Baby Dolls