Madame Alexander Baby Huggums Dolls

Madame Alexander Baby Huggums first play dolls

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The Madame Alexander Baby Huggums available in a soft cloth first baby doll or a weighted life like Baby for Toddlers

The Madame Alexander Baby Huggums Dolls have become a family tradition for many families introducing the soft cloth doll to their newborn babies as their first play doll. A Baby Huggums, is a soft, cuddly, life like doll to be cherished forever, and passed down to the next generation.

The Madame Alexander Huggums Dolls and soft cloth play dolls we have for sale were first designed by the Alexander Doll Company in 1963.  She had a vinyl head, arms, and legs, and a cloth body with a squeaker inside. She had open and close eyes and came with both a molded head or rooted hair. She was designed in a 12" small size, or a larger 25" size.

Over the years the Alexander Company stopped making the larger Baby Huggums Doll, as well as the rooted hair, because everyone purchased Baby Huggums as a 1st doll for their small children. They wanted a doll small enough and light enough for their child to hold and hug;  thus the name, as it was designed "Baby Huggums". They also needed a baby doll without hair that their babies could put in their mouths, kiss, and drool on. The 12" soft cloth and vinyl, bald headed baby became the number one doll for babies. The Madame Alexander Baby Huggums and soft cloth play dolls we have for sale, are safe for all ages, but most boxes must list an age, because the dolls have small parts, like the eyes, but the sockets are smaller, so they cannot come out and hurt the baby. So, today people will still buy our Madame Alexander Baby Huggums and play dolls as a gift for a newborn baby.

In the 1990's lifelike weighted babies were in demand as a real play baby that children could relate to. A doll that was heavier and flopped in their arms like a baby. So Madame Alexander added a new style to the Baby Huggums doll, it is the same as the original Baby Huggums  with a bald head, and vinyl arms, and legs, but the cloth body is weighted and squishy like a bean bag. Because this Huggums design is heavier, this has become the best choice for a toddler  play baby doll.

No one knows why, but every little one just loves the face of the Madame Alexander Baby Huggums Doll. When you put a Huggums doll up to a baby's face and press the little belly squeaker and blink the eyes back and forth, you can be sure you will see the child's eye's light up and her hands reach out in excitement for Baby Huggums.....she's in love with her first doll! With our Madame Alexander Baby Huggums and soft cloth play dolls for sale, you can give the perfect gift to the little one in your life.