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Information on the Madame Alexander International Doll Series

The International Madame Alexander Dolls from Foreign Lands and other Countries doll line is one of the original series Madam Beatrice Alexander herself designed and produced as a composition 7 to 8" doll, called the Tiny Betty in 1935. The first country dolls made then were: American Girl, Belgium, Brazilian, Burma, China, Egyptian, Eskimo, Finland, France, Hawaii, Holland, Mexican, Norway, Poland, Russia, South America, Spain, and Swiss.

The very first 8" Madame Alexander Country hard plastic dolls were introduced into the line in 1962.  It was the same basic style that has become the 8" Madame Alexander doll that is produced and collected today.  This was made from the Wendy doll mold, and called the Bent Knee Walker, it's knees could bend and sit, and when you moved the doll's legs the head moved right and left. This body mold was used until 1965, when the mold was changed to just a Bent Knee, no walker.

In this new introduction to the Madame Alexander collectible International dolls series of Bent Knee Walkers, there were only 24 countries produced. They were American Girl, Argentina Girl, Argentina Boy, Austrian Boy, Austrian Girl, Bolivia, Brazil, Dutch Boy, Dutch Girl, Ecuador, France, Greek Boy, Hungary, India, Ireland, Italy, Korea, Mexico, Peruvian Boy, Poland, Scotland, Spanish Boy, Spanish Girl, and Switzerland. So when you're searching for a Madame Alexander International Doll, or dolls of countries, we can help you find just what you're looking for!

When the Madame Alexander Company changed their body mold in 1966, many of these countries were dropped from the international doll line, and they then began to keep the same doll countries in the international series for many years. So many of these countries are more widely available but, they still were made from time to time with different, face molds, coloring, or body type, which kept some more collectible. Some of these Madame Alexander Countries were Canada Girl,  Finland Girl, French Girl, Israel Girl, Italian Girl, Irish Girl, German Girl, Japan Girl, Korea Girl, Mexico Girl, Norway Girl, Polish Girl, Portugal Girl, Romanian Girl,  Russian Girl, Spanish Girl, Swedish Girl, Turkey Girl,  Vietnam Girl, and Yugoslavia Girl.

Our Madame Alexander 8" International Dolls for sale, and dolls of countries, have been one of the most collected in the Alexander doll line. Because of the length time period they were produced, it is very difficult for the doll collector to find all the rare, vintage, and discontinued issues. Especially since some countries were only produced as a one year edition. Like Bali, Chili, Crete, Croatia, Ibiza, Lapland, Latvia, Pakistan, Tibet, and Tunisia. 

These are just a few of the rare Madame Alexander International Dolls for sale and dolls of countries that we have. The Madame Alexander International collection goes on, and on, and continues on today with many countries being redesigned and reintroduced, and some countries being made for the first time ever.