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Madame Alexander Little Women Dolls available in all the characters from the novel and movie

Little Women, one of the best loved stories for young girls

Madame Alexander loved the Novel "Little Women" written by Louisa May Alcott in 1868. Madam loved the story about four young girls and their mother growing up in the time of the Civil War, so much that the girls, Jo, Meg, Beth, and Amy were one of the first dolls she ever created. She made 16" cloth Little Women dolls in 1930 to 1936. We have several Madame Alexander Little Women dolls for sale including Jo, Meg, Beth and Amy.

Also in that time period, Madame Alexander produced the 7" and 9" composition, clay base, Little Women dolls. Then in late 1940's through the 1950's was the very collectible 14" hard plastic Little Women Dolls. She made 14" dolls of Jo, Meg, Beth, Amy, Marme, which we have as some of our Madame Alexander dolls for sale. She even made some of the Little Men including Laurie and Nat, which are very rare and hard to find. The most collected Madame Alexander Little Women Dolls were the 8" hard plastic, with the first one made in 1955 as a Straight Leg Walker (SLW). The company went on to produce the Little Women dolls in 8" Bent Knee Walkers (BKW) from 1956 - 1959, 8" Bent Knees (BK) from 1960 -1963, and then the current 8" straight leg mold after that.

In the 50's and early 60's, Madame Alexander would purchase bolts of fabric and issue dolls in that fabric print until the bolt ran out. So, sometimes she would make many different doll outfits for Jo, Meg, Beth, Amy, and Marmee within one year. So, if the Little Women collector tries to complete a collection of all the different dresses, it is quite impossible. You can collect all of our Madame Alexander Little Women Dolls for sale, like Jo, Meg, Beth and Amy, and still never find them all. For years Madame Alexander used a standard dress color for each character. Jo was red, Meg was purple, Beth was pink, Amy was yellow, and Marme was green. But over the years the designers have changed the tradition, and now you cannot identify a Little Women character by the color she is dressed in.

Currently than continue to make different issues, and keep them in the line for a full year edition, but being the Alexander Company changes them every year, it continues to be hard to obtain a full collection, thus; they are very collectible. Madame Alexander has also produced special editions of the Little Women dolls, like a limited edition for FAO Scwartz. They have also made issues of Aunt March, and Louisa May Alcott for this series.

Our Madame Alexander Little Women dolls for sale are truly some of the best and finest collections in the Madame Alexander Doll Line - one of Madam's top choices.

Madame Alexander Little Women Dolls 8" Collection