Madame Alexander Newborn Nursery Baby Dolls

Madame Alexander Newborn Nursery Lifelike Baby Play Dolls

Designed To Look and Feel Just Like a Real Baby

Every little girl really wants a realistic baby doll

The Madame Alexander Newborn Nursery Doll Line

Offers many accessories to making play with her baby fun!

 The Madame Alexander Newborn Nursery Baby Dolls are realistic baby dolls that are even weighted to feel like a real baby.

The mold was original created by doll artist, Lee Middleton. The Alexander doll company purchased the molds with come in different face designs, some with a Asian appearance.

The Newborn Nursery Madame Alexanders fall in your arms like a real baby, most have either open or close eyes, different hair and eye color, and they come in girl or boy baby clothes.

The Alexander Company added a special Babble Baby to the line the even coos and make baby sounds. They then added the open and close eye feature.

Whatever Madame Alexander Newborn Nursery Baby Doll you choose to purchase you can't go wrong you will love them just like your own when you hold the realistic baby doll in your arms!