Buy Dolls: Madame Alexander Dolls

About the Dolls We Sell

All the Madame Alexander Dolls we sell are new in box with the wrist tags, unless

otherwise noted,


Doll Specialist

We special in Rare and Hard to find Madame Alexander Dolls. Vintage through 

current issues.

Doll Club

Once you order at five dolls from us, you become one of our Doll Club members.

We will send you information on Specials we run.


Why are some issues more expensive than other?

Some dolls are very sought after by the collector and there are not many available.

So depending on the demand prices the doll.

Can you find a doll for me I am looking for?

Yes, we can try, just let us know, we come across a lot of dolls and we may find what

Madame Alexander Doll you need.