Madame Alexander Storybook Dolls & Storyland Dolls

Madame Alexander Story Book, Storyline Dolls 8" Collectible Storybook character dolls, Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, Snow White, Fancy Nancy, Goldilocks, Sleeping Beauty

New and Retired Doll Issues

Madame Alexander Doll characters from famous story books and folk tales

Do you have a Favorite Story Book Character?

Storybook and Storyland characters make wonderful dolls, and we have many rare Madame Alexander collectible and play dolls from books! Madame Alexander started her company with many loved storybook dolls. The Madame Alexander Storyland Doll series has been produced and collected in the 8" and 10" doll sizes for many years.

Within the Story Land Dolls are other dolls series, like The Wizard Of Oz, Gone With The Wind, Alice In Wonderland, Little Women, Eloise with Weenie and Skipperdee, Madeline, Angelina The Ballerina, Fancy Nancy, Hello Kitty, Raggedy Ann and Andy, Pinkalicious, Strawberry Shortcake, The Care Bears, and all the famous Disney Princess and Character Dolls. 

Most of these rare Madame Alexander collectible and play dolls from books have more than one doll in the set, or the dolls have been made in different outfits. You could have Fancy Nancy in her traditional purple ruffle dress, or as an Artist, with the Posh Puppy, the Splendiferous Christmas, the Bonjour Butterfly, or the Mermaid Ballet, a doll set within the Storyland set.

There are also many individual story book Madame Alexander dolls like, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Little Red Riding Hood with the Wolf, Paddington Bear, McGuffey Ana, Curious George, Sherezade, Twelve Dancing Princesses, The Tortoise and The Hare, The Pokey Little Puppy, the Snow Queen, Anne of Green Gables, Hansel and Gretel. There are so many more rare Madame Alexander collectible and play dolls from books to add to your own collection.

Storybook and Storyland Dolls have always been part of the Madame Alexander Doll collection. If you collect Madame Alexander Dolls you will be sure to find a loved Storybook character in the rare Madame Alexander collectible and play doll line that you must have! 

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