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Madame Alexander has created a collection of dolls of very well known people from many time periods, as well as people from famous events

Madame Alexander Dolls of Famous People and Theater

Madame Alexander The Arts Dolls and Famous People Dolls are people and characters we know and love. Madame Alexander has always created dolls of people we know like Queens, Dutchess,  and Princess' from history. Famous entertainers like Celine Dion and Elvis, famous dancers, TV show characters, and Broadway play actors.

When Madame Alexander creates dolls of famous people she designs them in costumes they are know for and the inner and outer beauty that attract people to love them.  And love them you will, the Madame Alexander Dolls are the number one collected doll and Madame Alexander The Arts Dolls and Famous People Dolls are designed mostly the 8" and 10" doll molds, the number one collectible doll size.

When you are looking for a doll of a famous person or well-known character, shop Madame Alexander Dolls, they probably made one, it may be a retired and rare doll, but we can find it for you.