Madame Alexander 7" Travel Friends Play Dolls

Madame Alexander 7" Travel Friends play dolls

Playful, Portable, and Fun Dolls!

Made of vinyl with painted features, with joints to poise

Available in Storyland and International Country Dolls

Madame Alexander 7" Travel Friends Play Dolls are designed for just that travel and play! Small enough, at 7" to travel any where you go. Shop for the Madame Alexander Gold Seal Oppenheim award winning play dolls available in International Countries, and your favorite Storyland characters, and Disney Princesses.

The Madame Alexander Travel Friends dolls are made of unbreakable vinyl, with 9 points of jointed movements to make them completely poseable. They faces are beautifully painted, their hair rooted to be brushed, and their clothes are removeable and interchangeable. Great play value!

You can buy Madame Alexander Travel Friends of Cinderella, Snow White, The Little Mermaid, Rapunzel, Tinkerbell, Belle Beauty, Sleeping Beauty, Alice In Wonderland, and The Frog Princess.

You can also buy the Madame Alexander Travel Dolls is various countries like Mexico, India, France, Germany, Africa, Russia, China, Italy, and Ireland.

When she needs a little friend to go with her, the Madame Alexander Travel Dolls make just the right gift for girls, and they will love them and their memories forever!

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